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Recent Talks

File Multiple factors in second language acquisition: The CASP model
'Multiple factors in second language acquisition: The CASP model' (with Luna Filipović), LCM V (Language Culture and Mind), Lisbon, Jun 2012.
File Language Universals and the Performance-Grammar Correspondence Hypothesis
File Major contributions from formal linguistics to the complexity debate
Workshop on Complexity in Formal Grammar, University of Washington, Seattle, Mar 2012.
File Disharmonic word order from a processing typology perspective
Workshop on Morphology and Syntax, University of Aarhus, Denmark, Oct 2010.
File The Final-Over-Final Constraint (FOFC) from a processing typology perspective
Cambridge Institute for Language Research (CILR) Workshop on the Final-Over-Final Constraint: Processing, Typology and Acquisition, University of Cambridge, Jan 2010.
File Grammatical variation and change in relation to language processing
CUNY Sentence Processing Conference, Stanford University, CA, Mar 2011.
File What cross-linguistic variation tells us about information density in on-line processing
Workshop on Information Density and Linguistic Variation, Deutsche Gesellschaft für Sprachwissenschaft (German Linguistics Association), Frankfurt, Mar 2012.
File Criterial features in the learning of English
English Australia Conference 2010, Gold Coast, Australia, Sep 2010.
File Identifying criterial features for reference level descriptions
(with Luna Filipović) International Association of Applied Linguistics (AILA), Beijing, Aug 2011.