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Graduate Programs in Linguistics

The graduate programs in Linguistics are administered by an interdisciplinary graduate group consisting of faculty members from various academic units. There are currently 32 members of the Graduate Group in Linguistics, with representation from the College of Letters and Science (L&S), the College of Biological Sciences, and the School of Education:

  • L&S, Division of Humanities, Arts and Cultural Studies: 3 in Spanish and Portuguese, 1 in French and Italian, 1 in East Asian Languages and Cultures, 1 in German, 1 in African and African American Studies, 1 in Native American Studies, 1 in Religious Studies, and 1 in the University Writing Program
  • L&S, Division of Social Sciences: 10 in Linguistics, 2 in Anthropology, 3 in Psychology, and 2 in Philosophy
  • School of Education: 4 members 
  • College of Biological Sciences: 1 in Neurobiology, Physiology and Behavior

There are two Graduate Group committees. The Executive Committee assists the Chair of the Graduate Group in administering the program, establishes the policies and procedures expressed in the bylaws, and reviews the membership of the group. The Admissions Committee reviews applications to the M.A. and Ph.D. programs, makes recommendations to the Dean of Graduate Studies concerning admissions, and provides guidance concerning the distribution of fellowship funds to graduate students.

Ph.D. Program

The Ph.D. program distinguishes itself from programs at other UC campuses by offering an area of emphasis in second language acquisition and development (SLAD), which responds to a growing need for researchers trained to investigate issues of multilingualism and the acquisition and teaching of non-native languages. Other possible areas of emphasis include language and society, language and mind/brain, and language structure and theory.

M.A. Program

The M.A. program provides a solid education in general linguistics, with a mixture of coursework and an in-depth research paper.  The M.A. is a terminal program, and can also be useful for students who are preparing for a Ph.D. program in linguistics.