Ph.D. Overview and Emphases

The UC Davis doctoral program in linguistics is distinct from programs at other UC campuses by virtue of its graduate group organizational structure.

UC Davis is distinguished by the graduate group structures through which more than 50 of its graduate programs, including that of the Department of Linguistics, operate. Graduate groups coalesce the expertise of faculty members from a variety of broad areas, thereby enabling programs to offer areas of emphasis drawing from interdepartmental subject matter.

A designated emphasis is a specialization that might include a new method of inquiry or an important field of application which is related to two or more existing Ph.D. programs. It is awarded in conjunction with the Ph.D. degree and is indicated by a special transcript designation.

SLAD emphasis

The SLAD emphasis responds to a growing need for researchers trained to investigate issues of multilingualism and the acquisition and teaching of non-native languages. This second language acquisition and development area of research emphasis applies linguistic analysis to advance understanding of the many complex sociocultural, psychosocial, educational and pedagogical issues that surround second (or multiple) language acquisition and development. The large and diverse group of faculty members who participate in the SLAD emphasis have research expertise in numerous facets of second language acquisition. The program also derives strength from collaborative links with the UC Davis Second Language Acquisition Institute and the Designated Emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies
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WR&CS emphasis

Graduate students in Linguistics may participate in the designated emphasis in Writing, Rhetoric, and Composition Studies (WR&CS). The designated emphasis in WR&CS enables linguistics doctoral students to prepare for leadership roles in research, teaching and program administration at various levels, from early childhood to adult. The curriculum of the Writing, Rhetoric and Composition Studies designated emphasis enhances eligibility for positions at secondary schools and institutions of higher learning; educational agencies; research foundations; and domestic and global private-sector companies and industries that seek researchers, faculty members and administrators with expertise in writing and the teaching of writing.

Language and Society

Students who opt for the language and society area of emphasis within the program may pursue advanced coursework and specialized research in various areas of sociolinguistic inquiry.
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Language and Mind/Brain

The Ph.D. program in linguistics is affiliated with a large interconnected group of UC Davis centers and programs that are devoted to mind and brain sciences. At the UC Davis Center for Mind and Brain, Graduate Group faculty in linguistics operate three research laboratories

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Language Structure and Theory

The language structure and theory area of emphasis within the Ph.D. program allows students to pursue advanced coursework and specialized research in various traditional areas of linguistic inquiry, including, phonetics, phonology, morphology, language typology, theoretical linguistics, descriptive linguistics, lexical and cognitive semantics, and formal semantics.
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