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Undergraduate Honors Theses in Linguistics

This is a new archive of honors theses from undergraduate majors in Linguistics.
To submit an honors thesis that you have completed, send a PDF version of it to the department chair.

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File 2015 Joshua Petracich
Language Ideologies of Young People in Western Ukraine Faculty Advisor: Julia Menard-Warwick
File 2011 Jennifer Ho
Cultural Heritage Language in Third Generation Chinese-Americans (honorable mention, 2011 UC Davis Undergraduate Research Conference; Faculty Advisor: Julia Menard-Warwick)
File 2011 Andrea Nelson
Case Markers and Language Learning: A comparison of the use of Japanese by students studying the language in a public high school and a Saturday Japanese language school (Faculty Advisor: Robert Bayley)
File 2010 Aimee Carlisle
Language Attrition in Louisiana Creole French (Faculty Advisor: Eric Russell Webb)

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