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Ph.D. Dissertations in Linguistics

2014 Miki Mori

Negotiating Ownership when Incorporating Outside Sources: A Qualitative Study with Multilingual Undergraduate Students

PDF document icon Miki Mori Linguistics Dissertation.pdf — PDF document, 2235 kB (2289358 bytes)

2013 Ariel Loring

Language and U.S. citizenship: Meanings, ideologies, and policies

PDF document icon Loring dissertation.pdf — PDF document, 37279 kB (38173854 bytes)

2012 Heather Sturman

Immigrant Socialization Literacy Development among Girls in a US High School

PDF document icon Immigrant Socialization Literacy Development among Girls in a US High School.pdf — PDF document, 1357 kB (1389568 bytes)

2011 Duane Leonard

Why We Teach 'ESL' Writing: A Socio-historic Discussion of an Undergraduate ESL Program

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2010 Tammy Gales

Ideologies of Violence: A Corpus and Discourse Analytic Approach to Stance in Threatening Communications

PDF document icon Gales Dissertation.pdf — PDF document, 1757 kB (1799203 bytes)

2010 Sze-Wei Liao

Identity, Ideology, and Language Variation: A Sociolinguistic Study of Mandarin in Central Taiwan

PDF document icon DissertationLiao.pdf — PDF document, 2918 kB (2988129 bytes)

2010 Michael Grosvald

Long-Distance Coarticulation: A Production and Perception Study of English and American Sign Language

PDF document icon MGrosvaldDiss.pdf — PDF document, 3293 kB (3372225 bytes)

2010 Lisa Bonnici

Variation in Maltese English: The Interplay of the Local and the Global in an Emerging Postcolonial Variety

PDF document icon DissertationBonnici.pdf — PDF document, 2707 kB (2772293 bytes)

2010 Dionne Soares Palmer

Second Language Pragmatic Socialization in World of Warcraft

PDF document icon DISSERTATION Soares.pdf — PDF document, 5483 kB (5614928 bytes)

2010 Ann Kelleher

Policies and Identities in Mandarin Education: The Situated Multilingualism of University-level "Heritage" Language Learners

PDF document icon Kelleher_dissertationFINAL.pdf — PDF document, 1707 kB (1748049 bytes)

2009 Yuriko Miyamoto Caltabiano

Children’s Negotiation of Multicultural Identities and Multiple Languages in Japan

PDF document icon Dissertation_Caltabiano082509.pdf — PDF document, 2174 kB (2226550 bytes)

2009 Vineeta Chand

Who Owns English? Political, Social and Linguistic Dimensions of Urban Indian English Language Practices

PDF document icon ChandDissertationDONE5.09.pdf — PDF document, 9149 kB (9368623 bytes)

2008 Paul McPherron

Internationalizing Teaching, Localizing English: Language Teaching Reforms through a South Chinese University

PDF document icon — PDF document, 1423 kB (1457198 bytes)

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