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Travel Reimbursement Policy and Procedures

The graduate student travel award, jointly funded by the Graduate Group in Linguistics and the Department of Linguistics, is for travel between July 1 and June 30 of a given academic year.

  • For travel to an academic conference to present a paper or a poster, graduate students in Linguistics may receive travel expense reimbursement up to a maximum of $500 for each academic year.
  • The conference for which reimbursement is requested must occur in the year for which the allowance is being used.
  • To receive a travel award, you must fill out and submit this form. This can be done as soon as you have an abstract accepted at a conference.
  • Reimbursable expenses include travel and lodging costs, conference registration fees, meals, and materials (such as posters and handouts).
  • Costs incurred for materials are reimbursable only up to a maximum of $120.00 per event.
  • This funding may be used to supplement any travel expense grant from any other source, including the Office of Graduate Studies travel awards.
  • In no event can funds received exceed reported expenses.
  • Original, itemized receipts must be presented to the person handling the reimbursement (see below).
  • Travel expenses are handled through MyTravel. In order for an expense report to be able to be generated, you need to have logged in to MyTravel and filled in your profile appropriately. Read and follow the instructions in "Getting Started" under "Help Resources." Be sure to enter the following as delegates who can prepare reports for you and validate expenses.
    1. Laura Aranda
    2. Tuyet Hoang
    3. Cat Huff

Travel Expense Reimbursement Approval Form