LIN 105: An Introduction to ASL-- Signing skills and Linguistics Theory

American Sign Language (ASL) is the primary sign language used by the U.S. Deaf community. This course is designed to help students learn basic skills in American Sign Language and provide students with an understanding of how linguistic principles used in the study of spoken languages can be used to analyze signed languages.


David Corina





Winter 2019


Students will learn basic ASL vocabulary and sentence construction. Students will learn to produce and recognize ASL signs and understand how rules of ASL structure impact the formation of signs in ASL. We will learn about global Deaf communities, and be able to contrast medical and cultural views of deafness. This class will serve as a basic introduction to ASL and Deaf culture. The class format will consist lectures and small group interactions designed to improve ASL reception and expression. Students will be evaluated on their sign skills as well as their mastery of academic knowledge about sign languages and deafness.