LIN 205A - Experimental Design and Statistical Analysis

Linguistic research increasingly involves the use of quantitative approaches and large amounts of data as sophisticated research technologies become more available to researchers. These tools allow for new and different questions to be asked, and for exciting new ways to seek answers to long-standing problems in linguistics. This graduate seminar is intended as an introduction to working with quantitative data using the statistical analysis software R. Using this software, students will learn how to manage, visualize and analyze the kinds of data frequently encountered in quantitative linguistic research.
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Santiago Barreda






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The aim of the course is to introduce students to the design of experiments and the analysis of experimental data. This course covers the theory underlying statistical tests on a conceptual level, and the practical use of most common statistical tests using R software. The focus of the class is on normal-theory statistical analyses of data collected in controlled experiments. However, the topics covered will be generally useful for anyone interested in analysis of quantitative data.