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Doctoral Alumni and Placements

The Department of Linguistics Graduate Program has an enviable record of graduate job placements.

We commend these graduates for their scholarly and career achievements, and acknowledge the UC Davis linguistics faculty advisor for each.



  • Christopher Graham, Lionbridge, Freelance Developer and Linguist (advisor: Hawkins)
  • Katherine Evans - Lecturer, UC Santa Barbara Writing Program (advisor: Ferris)


  • Dan Villarreal: Post-Doctoral Scholar, The University of Canterbury, New Zealand (advisor: Bayley)
  • Laurel Lawyer: Lecturer in Psycholinguistics, Department of Language and Linguistics, University of Essex, UK (advisor: Corina)
  • Lewis Lawyer: Reference Systems Manager, Cambridge University Press, Cambridge UK (advisors: Farrell and Macri)


  • Serena Williams (advisor: Menard-Warwick)


  • Deborah Cates: Sign Language Coordinator, Iowa School for the Deaf (advisor: Corina)
  • Grant Eckstein: Assistant Professor of Linguistics and English Language, Brigham Young University (advisor: Ferris)
  • Kristin Greer: Lecturer in Linguistics, Washington University, St. Louis (advisors: Farrell and May)
  • Cory Holland: Lecturer in English and ESL, Colorado State University (advisor: Bayley)
  • Miki Mori: Lecturer, English for Specific Purposes, Centre Universitaire de Mayotte, French Overseas Territory of Mayotte (advisor: Menard-Warwick)
  • Brian Slocum : Professor of Law, Pacific McGeorge School of Law, University of the Pacific (advisor: Aranovich)


  • Emily Feuerherm: Assistant Professor of English, University of Michigan, Flint (advisor: Ramanathan)
  • Ariel Loring: Lecturer in Anthropology, Sacramento State University, and ESL Specialist, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, UC Davis (advisor: Ramanathan)


  • Li-fen Lin: Assistant Professor of English, National Taiwan Normal University (advisor: Menard-Warwick)
  • Brandon Loudermilk: Data Scientist for HEB in San Antonio (advisor: Corina)
  • Heather Sturman: ESL Specialist, Center for Excellence in Teaching and Learning, UC Davis (advisor: Bayley)
  • Christy Taylor: Lecturer, University of the Sunshine Coast, Queensland, Australia (advisor: Ramanathan)


  • Duane Leonard: Assistant Professor of ESL, Sacramento City College (advisor: Watson-Gegeo)


  • Lisa Bonnici: ESL Coordinator, Rolling Hills Preparatory and Renaissance Academy, San Pedro, CA (advisor: Bayley)
  • Michael Grosvald: Assistant Professor of English Language and Linguistics, University of Qatar (advisor: Corina)
  • Ann Kelleher: Small-Business Owner (advisor: Ramanathan)
  • Sze-wei Liao: Language Learning Specialist, Global English, Brisbane, CA (advisor: Bayley)
  • Dionne Soares Palmer: Freelance Writer and Editor (advisor: Menard-Warwick)


  • Yuriko Miyamoto Caltabiano: Lecturer in Japanese, UC Berkeley (advisor: Menard-Warwick)
  • Vineeta Chand: Lecturer (= Assistant Professor) in Linguistics, University of Essex, UK (advisor: Shibamoto-Smith)
  • Tammy Gales: Assistant Professor of Linguistics, Hofstra University (advisor: Shibamoto-Smith)


  • Kristina de Korsak: Assistant Professor of Education, Sonoma State University (advisor: Timm)
  • Paul McPherron:  Associate Professor and ESL Program Coordinator, English Department, Hunter College of the City University of New York (CUNY) (advisor: Ramanathan)