The UC Davis Department of Linguistics offers a vibrant and heterogeneous array of research expertise about human spoken and signed language, derived from field research, insightful analysis, and integration with information technology applications in the realm of cognitive science.


The discipline of linguistics, the analytical study of the cultural distinctions of language, is fundamental to understanding the nature of humanity. The faculty members in the Department of Linguistics offer courses in all areas of structural linguistics, computational linguistics, neurolinguistics as well as applied and sociolinguistics. This is the only linguistics department across the UC campuses to offer this much variety.

The research expertise in the department constellates around two areas:

  1. Language structure and cognition AND
  2. Second language development and multilingualism.

The department has grown from being just a “Program in Linguistics” in the mid 1990s, evolving since then into a full-fledged successful Ph.D. program, with a strong graduation rate. Our collective research output is cutting-edge and many of our doctoral students have gone on to well-placed positions.


Undergraduate Program

At the undergraduate level, the Department of Linguistics offers a program of study leading to the A.B. degree, as well as two minor programs: one in general linguistics and one in linguistics for language teachers.


Graduate Program

We invite you to explore further and consider joining the ranks of the many undergraduate and graduate students for whom study in the UC Davis Department of Linguistics marked a pivotal and enlightening point in their lives.


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