Minor in Linguistics

The linguistics minor may be completed in conjunction with any other major.

The Department of Linguistics offers two minor programs:

  • General linguistics, through which students gain basic knowledge of language structure and linguistic analysis;
  • Linguistics for language teachers, which especially complements the major in English with the teaching area of emphasis; it is also of relevance to students interested in teaching foreign languages.

The abbreviation "LIN" designates courses in the Department of Linguistics.

  • General Linguistics (24 units)
  • All three of these courses:
    LIN 1 (4 units)
    LIN 103A (4 units)
    LIN 103B (4 units)
    One course among these: LIN 111, LIN 112, LIN 121, LIN 131, LIN 141, LIN 151 or LIN 152 (4 units each)
    Additional units selected from upper-division linguistics courses and other upper-division courses listed in the major requirements in consultation with an academic advisor. (8 units total)
  • Linguistics for Language Teachers (24 units)
  • All three of these courses:
    LIN 1 (4 units)
    LIN 106 (4 units)
    LIN 165 (4 units)
    One of these courses:
    LIN 160 (4 units)
    LIN 163 (4 units)
    Two of these courses:
    LIN 173 (4 units)
    LIN 180 (4 units)
    LIN 182 (4 units)