Sequence for Required Courses (100-159 range)

Some of the required courses in the linguistics major (in the 100-159 range) form an interrelated sequence. The following diagram should help students (and advisors) navigate through it.


Linguistics Course Sequence Map

Regular students should take LIN 001 during their first or second year. LIN 001 is a prerequisite for the 103 courses (A and B, which do not need to be taken in that order). Usually we offer 103 A in the Fall, and 103 B in the Winter. After 103 A, students can then take LIN 111 (usually in the Winter). Likewise, after 103 B students are ready to take LIN 131 (usually in the Spring). Occasionally, we may offer 103 B in Fall and 103 A in the Winter. In that case, 131 will be offered in the Winter, and 111 in the Fall. 

These four courses (103 A, 103 B, 111, and 131) do not need to be all taken in year 3. It is possible to stagger them in different ways. This would be the norm for transfer students and other students who may not have had a chance to satisfy the LIN 001 requirement in their first or second year (or at their CC). In that case, it is strongly suggested that the student takes LIN 001 before any other linguistics courses, during the Fall of their third year. After that, they would take the 103 course that is offered in the Winter (usually 103 B, but occasionally 103 A), and then during their fourth year the remaining 103 course (usually 103 A).

Courses 103 A, 103 B, 111, and 131 are offered every year, so students will have no trouble fulfilling the major requirements even if they have not taken LIN 001 during their first or second year (provided that they take it no later than the Fall of their third year). The remaining courses in the 100-159 range are offered in rotation, usually every other year, but students have to choose only three of those to satisfy major requirements.