Steven Lapointe Award

The Steven G. Lapointe Award provides a stipend for linguistics graduate students to help underwrite travel costs associated with presenting a paper at a conference.


Steven G. Lapointe
Steven G. Lapointe

This award was established through an endowment in memory of Steven G. Lapointe, who served as the Department of Linguistics program director and chair of the Graduate Group in Linguistics from 1992 until his untimely death in February 1999. Professor Lapointe, a prominent morphologist, was keenly interested in linguistic theory and in the careful analysis of languages.

He was the author of A Theory of Grammatical Agreement (Garland, 1985) and co-editor (with Diane Brentari and Patrick Farrell) of Morphology and its Relation to Phonology and Syntax (CSLI Publications, 1998), for which a continuation titled Morphology and the Web of Grammar, edited by Peter Sells and Orhan Orgun, was published in his memory in 2005.

The endowment funds an annual research travel award to enable linguistics graduate students to present their research at scholarly meetings. These awards are competitive; interested students must apply to be considered. Guidelines and a call for proposals are issued annually, usually in the winter quarter.

  • Award Recipients
  • Previous awardees

    2023: Nicholas Aoki, Jules Vonessen

    2016: Ryan Redmond

    2015: Michelle Cohn

    2014: Katherine Evans

    2013: Lajos Szoboszlai

    2012: Laurie Lawyer

    2011: Brandon Loudermilk

    2010: Heather Sturman

    2009: Silvie Liao

    2008: Tammy Gales and Michael Grosvald

    2007: Lisa Bonnici

    2006: Vineeta Chand

    2005: Duane Leonard

    2004: Jason Schneider & Paul McPherron

    2003: Jennifer Guzmán

    2002: Kristen Scheiber & Isabelle Poole

    2001: Patricia Maccari

    2000: Cindy Newman Davis

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