Mentoring and Advising

Mentoring is an integral part of the graduate experience for graduate students as well as the Department of Linguistics faculty members who advise them.


The graduate advisors (GAs) serve as faculty mentors to the incoming students, and guide them to choose a Major Professor by the 3rd quarter in the program (or earlier). In accordance with the Department of Linguistics Mentoring Guidelines, our faculty mentors are intent on helping our graduate students succeed by:

  • making certain they understand the requirements for the degree
  • offering guidance and advice to our students at each stage of the program, including dissertation research and writing
  • assisting in their professional development

These Department of Linguistics Graduate Program mentoring guidelines supplement the Office of Graduate Studies mentoring policy.

Students should meet recurrently with their mentors and Major Professors, at least twice each quarter, to monitor and plan their progression in the curriculum. Mentors and Major Professors help students properly interpret program requirements, offer preparation guidance for the qualifying examination, discuss the validity of research ideas, and constructively critique written work.

  •  Variable-unit Courses
  • To obtain permission to enroll in a variable-unit course (e.g., LIN 199, LIN 197T, LIN 299 or LIN 396), request a course registration number (CRN) from the authorizing instructor, who can obtain one via the "Classes I Teach" module that can be accessed when logged in to the password-protected MyUCDavis portal.