Doctoral Dissertations

Each completed graduate student dissertation on this list reflects the diversity and quality of student scholarly work during recent years in the UC Davis Department of Linguistics.



  • Claire Henderson: Ergativity in East Futunan Oral Narratives
  • Marinka Swift: Language Ideologies and Belonging: Educational Experiences of Chicanx and Latinx University Students
  • Peter Torres: The Nation’s Fix: The Language of the Opioid Crisis


  • Ludmila Ciochina: Functional and Anatomical Adaptations in Multilingual Language Users


  • Ryan Redmond: Herbivore in the streets: A participant observation approach to hybrid masculinity performance and the linguistic practices of underground male idols in Japan
  • Glen Heinrich-Wallace: On the Application of Item Response Models and Dependency Parsing to the Assessment of Early-stage Spanish Acquisition
  • Zoey (Ying) Liu: Data-driven Crosslinguistic Modeling of Constituent Ordering Preferences


  • Lisa Gonzalves: Understanding and Supporting Emergent Writing in L2 Adults Developing First-Time Literacy
  • Caitlin Green: Toward Increased Retention in University Computer Science Programs: A Language Socialization Approach


  • Michelle Cohn: Investigating the effect of musical training on speech-in-speech perception: The role of f0, timing,and spectral cues
  • Kelly Corcoran: Wild Gals and Delusional Girls: Discursive and Linguistic Practices of Japanese Alternative Women's Fashion Magazines
  • Gabriella Notarianni Burk: The Acquisition of Tense and Aspect by Instructed Adult Learners of Italian
  • Emily Moline: L1 and L2 Adult Emergent Literacy: Reading Patterns, Oracy, and Interaction Within an English Literacy Program
  • Anna Reznik: “We All Grew Up on the Same Books”: The Role of Literacy in Language Socialization


  • Will Dyer: Minimizing Integration Cost: A General Theory of Constituent Order
  • Katherine Evans: Engaging Undergraduate Writers: A Study of Motivational Dynamics in the Second Language Writing Classroom
  • Chris Graham: Geographical correlates of rare word orders: a computation approach to quantitative typology and language contact
  • Lajos Szoboszlai: Mutsun reclamation continued: Four years in a learner's effort to acquire language
  • Renee Kemp: Lexical Effects on Second Language Acquisitions


  • Daniel James Villarreal: The Construction of Social Meaning: A Matched-Guise Investigation of the California Vowel Shift
  • Daniel Moglen: Social Environments, Writing Support Networks, and Academic Writing: A Study of First Year International Graduate Students


  • Serena Williams: Performativity in Wedding Narratives of Same- and Mixed-Sex Couples


  • Miki Mori: Negotiating Ownership When Incorporating Outside Sources: A Qualitative Study With Multilingual Undergraduate Students
  • Kristen Greer: A General Theory of Quantification
  • Cory Lin Holland: Shifting or Shifted? The State of California Vowels


  • Ariel Loring: Language and U.S. citizenship: Meanings, Ideologies and Policies
  • Grant Eckstein: Ideal versus Reality: Student Expectations and Experiences in Multilingual Writing Center Tutorials
  • Emily Feuerherm: Language Policies, Identities, and Education in Refugee Resettlement


  • Heather Sturman: Immigrant Socialization Literacy Development among Girls in a U.S. High School


  • Duane Leonard: Why We Teach "ESL" Writing: A Socio-historic Discussion of an Undergraduate ESL Program2010
  • Tammy Gales: Ideologies of Violence: A Corpus and Discourse Analytic Approach to Stance in Threatening Communications
  • Sze-Wei Liao: Identity, Ideology and Language Variation: A Sociolinguistic Study of Mandarin in Central Taiwan
  • Michael Grosvald: Long-Distance Coarticulation: A Production and Perception Study of English and American Sign Language
  • Lisa Bonnici: Variation in Maltese English: The Interplay of the Local and the Global in an Emerging Postcolonial Variety
  • Dionne Soares Palmer: Second Language Pragmatic Socialization in World of Warcraft
  • Ann Kelleher: Policies and Identities in Mandarin Education: The Situated Multilingualism of University-level "Heritage" Language Learners


  • Yuriko Miyamoto Caltabiano: Children’s Negotiation of Multicultural Identities and Multiple Languages in Japan
  • Vineeta Chand: Who Owns English? Political, Social and Linguistic Dimensions of Urban Indian English Language Practices


  • Paul McPherron: Internationalizing Teaching, Localizing English: Language Teaching Reforms Through a South Chinese University