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The Case of the Argentine-Chinese Dual-Language School in Buenos Aires

Brazilian education official gives a talk on innovations on language teaching at an immersion school.
The Case of the Argentine-Chinese Dual-Language School in Buenos Aires

Cristina Banfi

Jan 23, 2019
from 02:30 PM to 04:00 PM

Andrews Conference Room, 2203 Social Sciences and Humanities

Cristina Banfi, director of languages in education for the Buenos Aires Ministry of Education, gives this talk, "Educational language policy from the trenches: the case of the Argentine-Chinese dual-language school in Buenos Aires.”

Abstract: Language-in-education planning has grown considerably in recent years (see, for example, Baldauf & Kaplan (2005), Baldauf (2005, 2006, 2008); Liddicoat & Baldauf (2008) and Tribble (2012)). From a review of the literature one may think that decisions in these areas proceed in an orderly and harmonious fashion in which different stakeholders have a say and where short and long term plans are carefully aligned. This is not necessarily the case and, in certain contexts at least, the communicating vessels one might expect between academia, the education system and the realm of policy-making are not as fluid as one might think or hope. In this presentation, one recent example of innovation in language teaching, i.e. the Argentine-Chinese Dual Lanaguage Immersion school of Buenos Aires, will be presented to exemplify how real-life decisions are made when it comes to implementing language teaching policies.

Cristina Banfi works at the Ministry of Education of the city of Buenos Aires, where she has been a language policy coordinator and then a director of languages in education. She also teaches linguistics and second language acquisition at several institutions, including the University of Buenos Aires. She holds an M.Phil. from the University of Cambridge and a Ph.D. from University College London, both in linguistics, and a Postgraduate Diploma in Higher Education Policy from the University of Buenos Aires. Her most recent books are "El Aprendizaje de Idiomas: Cómo Habla la Mente" and "Exorcising Grammar" (co-edited).