LIN 003: Language and Bodies

This course introduces you to some key concerns regarding our bodies and the role of language, in both their ‘normal’ functioning and in the world.


Course Description: Language use is at once a body-related function (being unable to speak effectively or well as in cases of autism or dementia) and a medium by which we talk about bodies (using language when talking about a body condition like diabetes or mental illness). It is, thus, both a part of our bodies as well as a tool by which bodies get described and negotiated. Keeping this mind, the course seeks to offer a wide spectrum of issues regarding language and bodies, while also focusing on the following themes: 

  • Language, bodies and ‘normalcy;’
  • Language and autism;
  • Language learning and dyslexia;
  • Language and transgender issues;
  • Language and mental health;
  • Language and dementia;
  • Language and deaf studies;
Format:  2 hours lecture, 2 hours discussion with oral participation;
Satisfies the oral component of the GE requirements

Units: 4

Quarter(s): Fall 2019

Instructor(s): Vaidehi Ramanathan