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Santiago Barreda


  • Ph.D., Linguistics, Phonetics, University of Alberta, 2013
  • M.A., Hispanic Studies, Language and Linguistics, University of Western Ontario, 2008
  • B.A., Linguistics, and Spanish Language and Literature, University of Western Ontario, 2006


Santiago Barreda is a phonetician, mostly interested in speech perception. He is interested in questions like:

  • How do you know what speech sounds you are listening to?
  • How can you tell how big/small young/old someone is from their voice?
  • What does it mean to ‘sound’ like a ‘woman’ or a ‘man’?
  • How does speech perception relate to the perception of speaker characteristics

I investigate these topics using behavioral experiments (I play speakers a sound and ask them, what did you hear?), and using statistical models to investigate the results.

I also write software for phonetic analysis, lately focused on formant tracking.


Selected Publications


Professor Barreda teaches courses in Phonetics, Hearing, Experimental Methods, and Statistics.