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The undergraduate curriculum in the UC Davis Department of Linguistics explores specific aspects of language structure, language use, and the relationship of language to other realms of human activity, applicable to a wide range of career fields.

What is Linguistics?

Linguistics is the systematic study of the structure and evolution of human language, and it is applicable to every aspect of human endeavor.


What can study of linguistics do for you? It can take you almost anywhere you want to go.

Major in Linguistics

The baccalaureate program in the UC Davis Department of Linguistics focuses on theories of language structure, variation and use, description of contemporary languages, and the examination of language change through time.

Minor in Linguistics

The linguistics minor may be completed in conjunction with any other major.


Our staff advisor is available weekdays to assist students individually with academic planning, petition review, course selection, career pathway development and other matters related to the major.

Honors and Opportunities

Students majoring in linguistics can distinguish themselves and establish momentum toward grad school by qualifying for and participating in the department's academic honors program.